Information for Users (Volunteers / General Public)

What is Caredemic?

Caredemic is a division of Pleasant Solutions working to provide anonymous and free daily COVID-19 testing to billions of people, to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and save lives as soon as possible, using standard mobile phones and machine learning.

Users follow steps for a few minutes to gather anonymous information include audio samples of your breathing and lung capacity measurements. We will use this to train our machine learning with your volunteer help, but once your government authorizes it we would notify you about your results as well as if we notice a change compared to your earlier samples.

Getting Started

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Provide anonymous audio samples of the sound of your breathing. Together, we can provide enough samples to help researchers make new discoveries about how normal and abnormal lungs sound. Help us make a difference!
All collection is anonymous. We do NOT collect your contact information, your IP address, any serial numbers, GPS locations, nor financial information. We are only seeking to help researchers with data they require to perform their research, both now and in the future.

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Benefits Of Being A Volunteer?

  • Doing so may help the world.
    • People want to feel like they are contributing to a solution and not just sitting, bored in isolation, waiting for things to unfold. Be a part of the solution!
  • It may help you or your family directly, if you provide your baseline results now and test again later, we may be able to alert you to your probability of having COVID-19 earlier than you or your doctor would notice, giving you a chance to self-isolate and avoid spreading the virus to others (subject to approvals by your local government, but collecting a baseline now helps you later).
  • Get a feeling of contributing to a solution and not just sitting, bored in isolation, waiting for things to unfold. Be part of an effort to help!

What Is Involved With Volunteering?

  • Entirely anonymous.
  • Only a few minutes each time.
  • Painless
  • Done at home.
  • You can skip any question that you don’t want to answer.
  • No set schedule: do it once or (ideally) daily at your choice of time.

What About Privacy?

We understand the need for privacy; in fact we own an unrelated privacy related company named Paranoid. Here is our commitment to volunteer subjects:

  • We do not collect your name or GPS location.
  • We do not collect your phone’s IP address, serial number, or operating system IDs.
  • We will accept only volunteers that are older than the age of consent or at age 16 (whichever is older), at least until governments decide to officially use the system.
  • The information will be only used for medical research.

There is no way to connect your anonymous data back to you. In fact, once you uninstall the application, we would not be able to locate your personal data even if you physically gave us your phone.

Ways to Help

  • Be a volunteer subject by donating your sample. Every single one increases our accuracy, and it may help you.
  • Spread the word. Think of someone who you think should know about this or who can help with any of the above, and make them aware of this project.
    • We especially need to spread the word to people who are confirmed Covid-19 positive, since there are fewer people who actually have it confirmed compared to people who are not infected, we need more of them.
  • Cheer us on or thank a contributor in social media. Encouragement matters.
  • See the homepage for other ways to help.

More Detailed Information

Visit the homepage or proceed to try it out, you can stop at any time.