Government Cooperation

Government Cooperation

Available For Governments To Choose

Our focus is to make the tool and performance statistics available for any government to use. From there, it will be up to each government to determine how to deploy it, based on its determined accuracy and the alternatives that the government has.

We intend to allow governments to determine what information they want released back to their citizens, and selectively based on a government’s custom criteria applied to each citizen’s results.

We intend to allow individuals to exercise their freedom to volunteer their information without delay.

See the homepage for a list of the many ways governments could deploy this tool.

How Governments Can Deploy While Users Remain Globally Anonymous

Anonymity is currently seen as critical to Caredemic; therefore, we don’t collect specific location information and we don’t collect any location information automatically. However, we do have the ability to send messages and questions out to users.

If and when any government jurisdiction determines they want to deploy this tool, we can send out a request to all users such as “Would you like to confirm you are in Alberta Canada?” or similar question with a list of jurisdictions. Upon stating their jurisdiction, we can thereafter send out messages to that subset of users, generically or based on what their data reveals. For example:

“You confirmed you are in Canada. According to Canadian guidelines and the data samples you provided, 7 out of 10 people with similar data samples begin to experience the start of COVID-19 symptoms within the next 2 days. Therefore, you are being asked by the Canadian government to self isolate for 3 days, and continue self-isolating if symptoms begin. You should also contact 780-123-4567 and state #____, to have further discussions about your results with a health-care support person or to be sent to a screening location for further testing.”

There is flexibility and power in the platform to adapt to each government’s specific deployment intent. If you require some steps to be non-anonymous, we can accommodate so long as individuals opt-in.

What We Ask of Government

We do not intend to charge any government, for any usage. We aim for free. If some requirements are very labor intensive and very specific to a jurisdiction’s needs (not globally useful), we may ask for at-cost fees without markup. In general, governments can help us with needs such as:

  • Providing more anonymous COVID-19 confirmed positive data points.
  • Expediting a formal study to their specific criteria (anonymous or not)
  • Assisting with mobile appstore approvals (in case Google/Apply policy issues arise during app updates and they request institutional backing as they have been known to do as of late).
  • Encourage volunteers in your region without delay. Any data gathered now serves as baselines for once the algorithms are completed. Your citizens with baselines not only contribute to the accuracy of the machine learning, but also would benefit when government later approves using the algorithms applied against their historic data.
  • Funding

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