What is Caredemic?

Caredemic is a division of Pleasant Solutions working to provide anonymous and free daily pre-symptomatic COVID-19 testing to billions of people, to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and save lives as soon as possible, using standard mobile phone sensors (especially the microphones) and machine learning.

Think of it like a recording stethoscope that listens carefully to your breathing and uses machine learning analysis to figure out what is going on with your respiratory and cardio systems, combined with other normal phone sensors like accelerometers for increased accuracy, and specifically focused to detect bilateral lower respiratory tract infections associated with COVID-19 as well as other specific signs.


  1. Testing to screen or tentatively diagnose, with one of the following goals:
    • To ask the right people to self-isolate as if they had symptoms, days before they would realize they have symptoms.
    • To let healthcare workers target lab-equivalent testing
    • Upon admittance, to better inform healthcare workers about an individual’s past progression.
    • In places around the world where this is the only tool or equipment available, to serve as an alternative to “nothing can be done quickly enough”.
    • As an easy-to-use platform that supports inexpensive electronic add-ons.
  2. At-home patient monitoring to assist medical or support staff.
  3. Screening for long term lung damage after recovery.
  4. Learning more about the statistics of COVID-19 disease progression.
  5. If sufficient usage in a geographic area, count of number of people approaching hospitalization, for capacity planning.
  6. Other future medical advances beyond COVID-19.


  • Billions of people can be reached rapidly, without supply chain delays.
  • People can retest daily.
  • We hope to provide a helpful tool within weeks, not months or years.
  • The resulting app will be useful for other sicknesses in the future.
  • Pennies per test (cell data costs) to help mitigate the demand for expensive government testing.
  • A commitment to remain completely free for COVID-19 testing.
  • More testing means earlier detection, which means less spreading, which means fewer deaths.

What is the Probability and Extent Of Success?

For some usages, the probability of success is >90%. For others, it may be 20% but increasing daily.

Visit the Feasibility page for discussions and supporting material.

Overview Video


Who is Involved and What Is Government’s Role?

Beyond Pleasant Solutions, see the contributors page for a list.

For details about how we work with government, visit the Government Cooperation page.

Information For Volunteers Including Where To Start and Privacy

Why do it? The short version is that it helps the world, it could help you and your family directly in the near future, and it is completely anonymous.

Visit the Users page for details.

Ways to Help

  • Be a volunteer.
  • Help us connect to more lung and pneumonia medical experts to refine the methodology.
  • We need many machine learning teams, and we have a platform to enable all of them to collaborate on this. Visit the Machine Learning and Data Analysis Coordination page for more details.
  • Funding
  • Spread the word. Think of someone who you think should know about this or who can help with any of the above, and make them aware of this project.
  • Cheer us on or thank a contributor in social media. Encouragement matters.

Timelines and Project Updates

In short, our timelines and milestones are measured in days and weeks, not months. Visit the Status page for details.

Technical Details

Visit the Technical Details page as well as the Reference page.