Anonymous: What We Do Not Collect

Data collected via the “Caredemic: Sounds of Breathing” mobile application is anonymous. Specifically:

  • We do not collect your contact information like name, email, or mailing address.
  • We do not collect the IP address, phone serial number, or unique operating system IDs you used in providing us your sample.
  • We do not collect the GPS to collect your location or ask for your location to a level that is more specific than country and state.
  • We do not collect any financial information or government identification.

There is no way to connect your anonymous data back to you. In fact, once you uninstall the application, we would not be able to locate your personal data even if you physically gave us your phone.

What We Do Collect

We collect the information that we specifically ask you to provide in the questions. All questions can be skipped.

We collect the basic model number (for example: Samsung Note 9) and version of the operating system (for example: Android v2.2.55), but we do not collect any unique information like serial numbers. This is to inform researchers of the acoustic properties of the microphone used and the audio compression that may have been used.

Each sample gets assigned a unique random number, which is used only to group samples with additional later samples, so we can treat the samples like a group. They remain anonymous.

How The Data Is Used

The data will be anonymously used by Caredemic (Pleasant Solutions) as well as related machine learning teams, to anonymously aid researchers in their research, both for currently urgent needs as well as in the future if the data can be beneficial in other ways.

If in the future we your government ends up permitting and requesting us to give you feedback about your anonymous samples, we would seek your anonymous consent first, to send you that information. Since we don’t collect any identifying information, we of course can’t reveal who you are to any government even upon their request.